Why Dental Implants Are the Best substitute for Teeth Replacement,

Teeth Replacement

Teeth ReplacementDid you know that you only have two sets of teeth in your lifetime? These are baby teeth and permanent teeth. Once your permanent teeth come around, make sure you take great care of them as they are a vital part of your body. Unfortunately, the case is different as most people find themselves losing some of their teeth.

Once you lose your teeth, it is vital to visit your dentist and have the missing teeth replaced. There are various methods for replacing a missing tooth, but according to dentists like harleydentistry.co.nz, dental implants are the best for your health.

  • Dental implants

Dental implants involve replacing tooth roots with artificial ones and are used to replace teeth that have either decayed or fallen out. This is because they provide a firm foundation for teeth replacement. However, most people are afraid of trying out dental implants due to fear that someone will notice. Truth be told, dental implants look so natural and are the perfect match for replacing a missing tooth.

  • Effects of Missing Teeth

There is nothing as unfulfilling and difficult as trying to chew food, and you have some teeth missing! Missing teeth affects your speech. It also has an effect on the aesthetic of your face. This is because, loss of many teeth causes the skin around your mouth to sag due to lack support and this may have you looking older than you are! Additionally, missing teeth have a way of getting to you emotionally as it affects how you feel about yourself. You lose confidence and smile less often due to the gaps left in your mouth. With a dentist, you can quickly replace your missing teeth with dental implants.

  • Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide better comfort as they are fused into your bone. Therefore, reducing any uncomfortable feeling brought about by removable dentures. They also enhance a person’s speech if they are fitted appropriately by a dentist. On the other hand, poorly fitted dental implants may cause a person to slur or mumble as they speak. At the same time, dental implants boost a person’s oral health. This is because, with dental implants, your teeth are left intact as the adjacent teeth are not affected in any way thereby improving your oral health.

With the availability of dental implants today, you no longer have to worry about missing teeth anymore! A dental implant is the best option as it is a long term solution for teeth replacement. Once you have a dental implant, you won’t even notice the difference between your natural teeth and your new ones!