Snore No More: A Quick Fix at Night


sleepingSome people snore when they sleep; men do so more than women. Even dogs and other animals may snore. This does not mean it is a normal output of sleeping. To some, there can be an underlying health problem. Others may often snore due to stress or exhaustion from a day’s work.

It may not be a problem for you, but it could be for the people you share a room with. To avoid any future arguments, here are some quick fixes:

Changing Positions

Biologically, a snore is a sound produce when there is something blocking the air passages. When you sleep on your back, your tongue may slide down your throat. This may disrupt the natural flow of air while you sleep, as The Mattress Department explains. The disruption causes a vibrating sound, which is the snore.

Changing your positions may put a stop to this. You may want to try sleeping prone, but it may cause back pain upon waking. Sleeping on your side may help reduce snoring, while keeping your back safe from problems.

Nighttime Routine

When you are tired from work, all you want to do is jump on your bed and sleep. You could have less time to do your nightly ritual because of overtime or traffic. This does not mean you should forget your evening preparation. Always remember, you do not just sleep. You should sleep comfortably, or you may develop health problems, such as back and muscle pain.

Always mind your comfort before going to bed. Some people sleep with more pillows, while some choose to use none. Whatever your needs are, you should invest in a good mattress for back support. Getting ones with memory foam may help alleviate the discomfort in your sleep. More comfort means less chances of snoring to scare your partners away.