Moving to a New Town? Don’t Forget Your Paperwork!

New House in LouisvilleMoving to a new town can be daunting. There’s the matter of deciding whether or not to keep your belongings. Of those you keep, you have to decide how to pack them and bring them to your new home. But did you remember to secure your papers?

Why Take Them With You?

Moving to a new town essentially means starting over fresh. You will need your personal records to establish yourself in your new location. This is particularly important if the move does not involve a job. You will need to produce personal records in order to be hired.

Getting to Know You

The top items you need are your social security card, birth certificate, and passport. Most institutions from local government offices to schools look at. All three provide evidence of your age, place of birth, and most importantly, citizenship. Consider, too, any professional licenses and certificates. This is essential for any profession requiring licensure. A practicing professional can be questioned if you cannot prove your right to practice.

Have a Car? Bring the Title

This is necessary when it comes to changing car registrations to prove ownership of the vehicle. You will also need the title if you plan on selling your car instead of bringing it along. Just like cars, gadgets and other similar items require proofs of ownership. Should you need professional services, any papers you have, contracts, warranties, and the like, will be necessary to obtain the help you need.

Watch Out for Your Health

Get copies of your medical records especially if you’re undergoing treatments. It may sometimes be easier when it involves dentists or orthodontists — such as the American Family Orthodontics — some have clinics across the city or state. If you live in Louisville, KY, and your orthodontist has a clinic in your new town, they may even be able to automatically transfer your records for you.

Plan Ahead

Some records may need to be requested in advance. Give yourself ample lead time in acquiring those documents that way, you are able to successfully deal with it if there are any hitches in retrieving them.