Make Your Child’s First Dental Visit Enjoyable

Dental TreatmentMost parents don’t see dentist appointments exciting, and this carries over to their children most times. Add to that the fear of the unknown as they walk towards the dental chair and most children would truly be afraid of their first dental appointment. With that in mind, this article shares a few ways to help make the kids enjoy their first dentist experience.

Start With “The One” – It is advisable to have your child’s first visit when they get their first tooth, followed by regular semi-annual visits, says Gentle Dentist. Being introduced early to dentists would make the child less prone to fear and it would take less effort from you to convince and comfort them. If they’re already 2-3 years old just remember to avoid negative words when explaining what a dentist check-up would be like.

Role Playing – This will work wonderfully for toddlers. Act out the dentist and let your child be the patient then let them go through the motions of the first check-up. Make it a fun time using simple words and instructions when going through your skit. Avoid using terms connected to pain or technical tools. You can even switch places once your child already has the hang of it.

Choose Well – It would still be best to have a pediatric dentist work with on your child. Good thing there are reputable family dental clinics near you that have their own pediatric dentist. Check with family, friends and online testimonials when choosing your child’s dentist. Most importantly, have your child’s medical records for the dentist to see during your first visit.

On your first appointment, don’t forget to be always supportive and encouraging once your child climbs up that dentist chair. Not only should it be the dentist’s responsibility to make your child’s initial visit a fun experience but yours as well. And once the visit is over, make the rest of the day memorable by spending time with your kid. It will make your next visits to the dentist a lot easier for you both.