From Needing Assistance to Making a Mark

Senior Care

Senior CareYou can’t stop people with disabilities to experience a range of negative emotions. Where daily living is by itself a challenge of immense proportions, it’s certainly easy to fall prey to dungeons of gloom and despair. But all the challenges could be the very crucible by which strong characters are formed – as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) has shown many times before. And with the right tools success could certainly be possible – along with a whole new level of faith.

Conquering Polio

FDR may have been born rich but no wealth and comforts shielded him from the onslaught of polio. As he was about to turn a leaf towards his 40’s, infantile paralysis, or a disease much better known as polio struck. That would leave a mark that would change his life forever.

However, all the suffering only strengthen his resolve. He could have easily given up his political career as hiding the disability from the public would certainly be an exercise in futility. Rather than wallow in pity he made strides in rehabilitating himself – biding his time at Warm Springs.

Long story short, FDR even if paraplegic became the 32nd president of the United States – leading the war effort in WWII. Most remember him as a most-abled-bodied leader, not as a “crippled” president.

Equipping the Suffering

Most definitely, the challenges of people with disabilities are cumbersome to say the least. Where normal people would hop to any place they want, the suffering of over 56.7 million Americans would leave them stranded to places as familiar as home.

But this shouldn’t leave them distraught. Today, with many assistive technologies delivered by, people with disabilities are given a better shot at living the life they long for. These technologies could be integrated right into smartphones and tablets in the form of apps. Or as in the case of an iPhone embedded via gesture-activated controls for instance.

Certainly, the future looks bright for people with disabilities for as long as they believe great things happen from small beginnings.