Are You or Are You Not Dehydrated? Things You Need to Know


DehydratedThirsty? Drink up and drink a lot. Thirst indicates dehydration and this can be triggered by seemingly harmless or unrelated reasons.

Stress Shows

Stress causes your heart rate to increase, which in turn results in fluid loss. Your tendency to skip meals and sleep during stressful situations only makes matters worse. Keep your cortisol – also called a stress hormone – level down by taking sips of water instead of caffeinated beverages.  Anything with caffeine dehydrates you further.

Ensuring the quality of your drinking water improves your chances of staying calm, healthy and productive under pressure. The use of home water filters enhances your body’s hydration process as it cleanses your water without removing its naturally occurring minerals. Clean & Clear Water Filters recommends that you use an advanced purification system to ensure that every drop of liquid you drink is free of harmful elements. Fill a container with quality water and take it around with you for easier access to your new panacea.

Aging Pains

Don’t be fooled: the infrequency of your thirst as you age does not immediately imply proper hydration. Older people feel thirsty less often. Kidney functions also play a role in the preservation of fluid. Although this normally doesn’t become obvious until you reach the age of 75, it progresses from as early as 50.

Instead of napping or eating a meal whenever you feel tired or groggy, choose to have a glass of water first. It might be your unquenched thirst that makes it difficult to stay productive throughout the day.

Low Carb Weigh Down

Be careful with the weighing scale during your first weeks on a low carb diet. Dehydration through constant urination may trick you into thinking you’ve begun to lose weight. Technically, you’ve only just loss sufficient amount of fluids, not calories.

And while it looks nice to see you’ve lost a pound or two, you’ll need to regain water weight soon. Filtered water serves your cause better than beverages with added sweeteners do. Apart from keeping your sugar intake at bay, good ole water enhances oxidation. This means improved fat burning capacity and energy levels for you.

Dehydration takes many facets depending on your diet and lifestyle. The formula, however, to keep properly hydrated remains unchanging: keep sipping water no matter what!